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13 July
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a 25 yr old social work student and Baltimoron. I used to do yaoi/slash fanfic in my free time and try to read up on various disasters. Now I watch too much tv, dick about online, and imagine doing something much more creative.
adam-12, andi watson, anime, ballroom dancing, bisexuality, bob fingerman, bondage faeries, boots, brian lumley, brimstone, britcoms, bust, cats, charlie brown, cirque de soliel, comics, court tv, cowboy bebop, cows, crossword puzzles, daft punk, darkwave, depeche mode, disasters, dragonlance, earthian, edward gorey, elfquest, emergency, erotica, ethan green, fanfiction, fantasy novels, fashion bug, flannel sheets, fushigi yuugi, garfield, genus, ghosts, gloom cookie, gunbuster, gundam wing, harry potter, hazelnut coffee, hey arnold, history, iron chef, jack the ripper, johnen vasquez, judge judy, just shoot me, karate, kermit, lane bryant, larry elmore, leggings, lord of the rings, manic panic hair dye, marilyn manson, mercedes lackey, mythology, nail polish, new order, nick cave, norma stitz, perfume, pet shop boys, pete yorn, pizza, polyamory, poptarts, porno, pornography, radiohead, revolutionary girl utena, rice, robotech, roman dirge, s.m. stirling, samurai jack, scary godmother, scented candles, serial killers, severus snape, sex and the city, slash, social work, sorayama, source direct, spider jewelry, spongebob squarepants, spree, star wars, stonehenge, sunflower seeds, supernatural law, sweettarts, tattoos, tea, techno, tenchi, the addams family, the chills, the cure, the discovery channel, the far side, the green hornet, the history channel, the learning channel, the smiths, the taxidermy, titus, tom of finland, torrid, trigun, true crime, ufos, vampires, walking, weight lifting, will & grace, window shopping, writing, yaoi