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What a Heck of a Way to Wake Up

Nothing starts a morning off better than the sound of some guy screaming in pain after being maced/pepper sprayed. We have no idea what happened but at 1am we were awaked by screams of pain and the flashing lights of an ambulance and police cars. Some shirtless guy was sitting on the curb, screaming and yelling for water because he'd been 'tear gassed'. The paramedics were finally able to talk him into getting in the ambulance and going to the hospital to get his eyes flushed.
We figure there are several possibilities as to what happened: 1) he irritated/threatened one of the local working girls and got maced 2) he tried to rob someone and got maced 3) he was involved in some sort of domestic altercation and got maced. I'm betting on the first option. The working girls may look like easy targets but I wouldn't want to take one of them on in a fight.