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Almost Over

This has been the longest, bloodiest week ever for me. I ended up taking the whole week off and spent most of it sleeping on the couch and bleeding. Lots and lots of bleeding. And lots of Tylenol 3 for the cramps.

I only had one day when I felt really mentally out of it, probably from so much down time. I sometimes wish I cultivated more close friendships so I could have had someone come over to stay with me for a little while while Mel was at work. Actually, I know I could have asked a couple of people and they would have been there but, then again, I didn't feel like the stress of anyone coming over, even my mom who offered to scooted up. I just wanted to lay still and zone out to music and TV.

Now I'm back to feeling more normal and I go back to work on Monday. I have my follow up appointment next Saturday. I'm not 100% yet since I'm now exhausted from doing laundry and grocery shopping. But I'm better.

I just hope I never have to go through this again.


Dec. 16th, 2008 09:03 pm (UTC)
Other than being tired, I'm doing well.